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Steel Sport Bottle

Impress Clients!

When you truly impress your clients with distinctive corporate gifts, they remember you longer, feel a closer relationship and are more likely to reward you with increased sales.

Motivate Employees!

How about your employees? Appreciate their hard work & motivate them for better customer service.

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Use imprinted promotional items to extend your brand visibility!

Marketing Ideas

Looking for creative ideas that you can put to use in promoting your company or upcoming event? Bookmark this page & visit it often for ideas & case studies of how individuals & companies have put promotional products to work for them!

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Maintain and increase awareness and recall

A real estate agency always left clients with company and contact information so that new homeowners would continue to remember them for purposes of word-of-mouth advertising and future purchases.

The agency had a limited budget and wanted to put their contact information onto an inexpensive and useful promotional product. They chose an 8"x3" BIC® Sticky Note™ and BIC WideBody Message Pen. In addition to the contact information, the company also imprinted the BIC® Sticky Note™ with ruled lines so the homeowner could use the notepads for to-do or shopping lists. The Message Pen’s revolving messages contained the realtor’s contact information and website.

The company left behind thoughtful, useful and creative promotional gift items for new homeowners that increased awareness and recall.
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Community Education

A hospital’s education department was running the “Healthy Heart” program for recent heart attack survivors and their families. Each week the group would meet to discuss recovery and learn about diet routines and exercises for everyday living. The former patients learned how to calculate good and bad cholesterol and to record the progress on a chart. At the beginning of the program each participant was given a clipboard, stress reliever, calculator, and ballpoint pen. They used the pen and calculator to figure out how their cholesterol had changed and the clipboard assisted in recording the findings over time.
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Create impact & foster goodwill!

No form of advertising can match the impact and goodwill created by promotional products. For a fraction of the price of one newspaper ad that will disappear in a day, items such as travel mugs, calculators or pens will be seen for years. Your company name and message is visible long after the item was distributed!
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Take a Romantic Vacation

A travel company runs a promotion on airfare to a certain destination. To launch the promotion they send out a mailing of 12oz. TGI stadium cups and lids. The cups are printed with the travel company’s information and the slogan, ‘For the Babysitter.’ Inside the cup is a flyer outlining the details of the promotion and a caption saying, ‘Leave the Kids at Home and Take a Romantic Vacation to ...!’
Save the Date Magnet

Engaged Couples Are Attracted
to "Save the Date" Magnets

Client • Wedding planners, party planners, reception facilities, or engaged couples
Objective • Help invited guests "save the date" of the upcoming wedding.

Item • Gill #1230 Full Color Business Card Magnets.

Distribution • With today's hectic schedules, couples want to be assured their guests can make it to the wedding ceremony. About 6 months before the wedding they mail out a business card magnet. The invitees can put the magnet on their refrigerator to remind them of the big event. Most couples include a photo of themselves in the magnet design to enhance the keepsake value. For some relatives and friends who live faraway this may be the first time they see a picture of the fiancée!

Results • The magnets are cherished by friends and family alike. Most wind up staying on the refrigerator long after the wedding. In today's busy world every reminder of upcoming events is greatly appreciated!
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Tradeshow Promotions

Any business or marketing company knows that getting the word out involves a healthy dose of creativity. After all, there are many others trying to compete for the same customers and business. This is where promotional backpacks come into play. Such items can really help a group get the word out about a product or service in a creative, eye-catching, and memorable fashion.
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Employee Motivation

A real estate company with a large salesforce wanted to give a useful gift to each of its salespeople. The company decided on a leather appointment book with the Hub’s Santorini pen. The company logo was engraved along with the salesperson’s name on the barrel. Accompanying the gift was a letter from each region’s sales manager thanking the salespeople for their great work and encouraging them to make more appointments.